By Meling

Artist Statement

Every one of my artworks reflect my ambivalent nature. My subjects take much inspiration from my religious upbringing and missionary lifestyle. At the same time, a perpetual nostalgia for the simpler time of youth, the melancholic lifestyle, and grunge music that droned in its background find its way into my work.

I like playing with colors and I like the idea of making things look brighter than what they are in a heartbreaking way. I am constantly experimenting, trying to figure out what art, the process, and creation really means. The act of doing, merely doing, rather than conceptualizing then submitting to a final decision that it is a good thing when it does not make any sense is the theme and timbre of my art.

“Art is the proper task of life.”

• Friedrich Nietzsche •

I am no writer.  I merely show my feelings through illustrations, paintings, or merely just creating something. I make art because I love art and theres nothing more to it.

MUGNA [mug||na] adv. – derive from the bisayan dialect, meaning to create or a creation i.e. magmugna [verb] – to create.

Say less, “mugna” more!

This page is all “mugna” out for the love of art.


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